Hello and welcome to Maheegan Retreats. I’m so glad you’ve decided to come on this journey with me. Find your favourite chair, your favourite beverage, and let’s get to know each other.

A little about me…

I am a first-generation Canadian on my dad’s side. He was born in Haarlemmermeer and they left for Canada in the early 50s. I’ve studied architecture and psychology in Canada before working in the food industry for a few years, lucky enough to work with a Michelin Star chef. Eventually, I moved to the Netherlands because of love (as you do). I stayed in the food industry for a while and had my own bakery webshop. But there was one day I wanted something more.

I went back into psychology and behavioural studies, doing some coaching on the side. I earned my certification in NLP and did some trauma studies, including going to therapy to do my own work. (Brené Brown’s favourite ‘man in the arena’ quote my Roosevelt? “…whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood.”? Yeah. Don’t worry, I got you).

From stress to stillness 

One day I was having a hard time just being in my own energy and listening to my inner voice; a feeling that had been building for a while. We both work from home so it can feel challenging sometimes to take my space through the day and not feel as if I have to take someone else into consideration. (It’s not to say of course doing so is a negative; I’m only stating some days you just want wholy to yourself, y’know?) I wanted a place to get away, if only for a few hours to not worry about someone else, to not have to cook dinner that night, to have…. silence.

Maheegan Retreats was born.

The more I’ve evolved and owned parts of myself and the more I got excited about this idea, the more I realise I’m bringing all my gifts together in this one project, which means I’m able to serve and support you in many ways and on many levels. I understand wanting to take time for yourself and feeling like it’s challenging to do so in your own space; sometimes a change of scenery makes it easier.

You can read all about the vision here (this is the long-term vision I’m working towards), and in the meantime I’ll be hosting smaller retreats as a journey to building that permanent retreat centre. Watch the Events page.

Imagine a space and container where women can come to relax and listen to their inner voice. To give themselves permission to take (and own) time for themselves. For community. For solace. For the healing properties of nature. For nurturing and nourishing food.

Allow me to hold the space to help bring you back to yourself.

See you inside!

Please read about the long-term vision here (and sign up for the newsletter to follow along!).