The Path Forward: The Need for a Daily Retreat Centre

In recent conversations with women about their perimenopause symptoms, it’s clear that many are facing significant challenges. From depression and weight gain to joint pain and mood swings, the spectrum of experiences is quite heavy. It’s essential to acknowledge and honour this struggle.

Yet, it’s often difficult to confront. Either we forget about it because it was 5 days ago and we feel fine now, or we consciously avoid revisiting those moments. It’s common (and easier sometimes, let’s be honest) to keep ourselves occupied with work, social media, helping others and various distractions to escape the discomfort.

But what’s the alternative? Keep having rage episodes? Feeling frazzled from overwhelm from the constant juggling act of managing allthethings? How is this affecting us and how are those immediately around us being impacted?

As women we frequently prioritize others, whether it’s taking care of family, running a business, or fulfilling other various responsibilities. However, there’s a need for a safe space—a place where we can find:

  • inner solace
  • connection with others
  • meet each other where we’re at, and
  • be accepted – without question, without apology, without having to explain yourself or how overwhelming life is right now – and to just be in community.

Imagine taking nature walks, conversing with the trees, building fires, and sharing nourishing meals while rediscovering the meaning of tribe.

Build it and they will come

This vision is a long-term goal, and while I’m not yet(!) able to build or buy my dream property, you can help play a crucial role in making it happen.

If you resonate with the cause, I invite you to support it in any way you can:

  • attend upcoming Morning Sessions (see last email here),
  • make a donation
  • think of me when you know of an abandoned property that can be used
  • get involved

And support doesn’t have to be financial or even about me directly if you’re not ready yet. You can take inspiration from the vibe at Maheegan and:

  • have conscious conversations with a friend where you’re present,
  • read and share these newsletters,
  • talk to your health care provider and receive support for your wellbeing and health,
  • Find 5 minutes for yourself and zone out, window gaze, or get some fresh air and go for a walk.

Because I believe it all has ripple effects. What I give to you and the world will, in some way, return to me, creating a continuous universal cycle.

Connection is key

I’d also like to highlight the importance of connection. This is absolutely the path forward and we need more of this. We need to see each other.

Wars & violence are all trauma, fear, pain and anger. Reacting, not listening.

But when we bring our selves – our whole selves – to the table we can change the world. That doesn’t mean we have to be alone at that table. We’re all walking-wounded in some, way, shape or form. My goal is to see each other where we are, and bring more awareness and empowerment to you so you can make the decisions that are best for you in your world, whatever that is for you (family, relationships, community, or even on a global scale ).

When we bring THAT SELF to the (metaphorical) table, that’s when we create positive change. Then seeing each other. A mentality we can adopt (world-wise) is: If I know you, I can’t hurt you. That’s part of why I want this retreat centre up and running. Time alone for yourself is so important, but it’s also important to do mini resets, create connection, & be in community so you can bring your best self to the world. The world needs that, and the world needs you.

If only money grew on trees…

Now, let’s touch on the financial aspect. While the world often seems to revolve around money, it’s a necessary reality. Sustaining my personal life and realizing a project like the Maheegan Retreats centre requires financial resources. But I am confident that the support will come though. I’ve spoken with so many women and I know this is something we need – and I’m stoked to be part of this transformative journey with you. Thanks for being along for the ride.

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Photo: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels