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Nature as a point of reflection for transformation.

Have you considered using it as a tool?

You know, one of the things I love most about nature is its ability to reflect you back to yourself. Have you found that?

  • It’s free. Doesn’t cost anything except your time (and maybe an open mind).
  • You get to decide the amount of time to invest (though more is always more revealing).
  • Naturally of course, you even get to decide ‘how’. A walk through a forest? A field of heather? Canoeing? (I’ve got a solo canoeing story; perhaps I should share it sometime.)

Let’s extrapolate from this image.

This is a beautiful and large tree (well, it was) in Stadspark, Groningen. She was affected by Storm Poly and some of her larger branches (3 as far as I could tell) broke off. For whatever reason they weren’t strong enough.

The sad truth is that the gemeente (municipality) will probably take away those fallen branches and shred or compost them (I hope).

And if they stayed? Life begets life. Over a number of months and years the circle/cycle will continue. Decomposition; one thing turns into food (or a home) for something else. Which then eventually feeds and supports something else. You know how it goes.

My point?

How are you slowly morphing?

What area of your life perhaps feels stuck or slow to transition, but when you zoom out and are honest with yourself, you are able to pinpoint how it’s changed over time? Or how any area of your life has changed over time. It might not be at the speed that you want, but that’s not what’s in question here. What is already happening that you are slow to accept?
Remember that even when you feel life isn’t moving at all, there are a lot of hidden processes running in the background; life that you don’t see happening, the way you’re mentally and emotionally processing the world around you, and so on. There is always movement, we just don’t always see it.

You’ve heard it from me before and I’ll keep saying it: be kind with yourself. In these times when frustration feels both easy and unproductive, I’ve often found changing small things in my daily routine help give me a new perspective overall. Or at least, opens me up to receive it.

Let me know how you get on. Drop me a line below. 🙂