What’s at the Heart of any Company? Values!

Learning about Maheegan Retreat’s 4 Pillars of Values

Values, when we’re conscious of them, are essential for direction. They anchor us to what’s important to us and if we have doubt or feel we’re veering off course, they give us something to guide us back.

They control almost every single thing you do. And while they’re created unconsciously (and even more often, from a void or sense of lack – perhaps I’ll talk more about this later), when conscious, we have the ability to change the hierarchy of our values to suit our goals better. How often have you thought about this?

Below you can get to know Maheegan a bit more and learn about the conscious values that drive the business that (hopefully) serves you best while in the retreat space.


Every one of us carries our own unique story, from triumphs to scars. By treating ourselves with compassion and understanding, we automatically extend that same kindness to those we encounter in our daily lives. Practicing self-kindness can help us build stronger and more meaningful connections with the people around us as we’re reminded to see the humanity and vulnerability in others.


Bring your most genuine self that you can in the moment. Genuineness can also mean intentional. What part of you is bringing intention in the moment? How are you showing up? It’s equally important to receive others the same way, assuming that they too are presenting their best selves. By doing so, we’re creating an environment of mutual respect and compassion that can lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships. When on site, remember to come from a place of authenticity and openness, and be willing to receive others in the same way.


The very first core value the company was founded upon was on the significance of nature. We are constantly connected to the earth whether we are aware of it or not. Earth provides us with the essential elements that we need to survive like food and water. Nature has this incredible power to receive and relieve our stress and calm our mind & spirit. If we spend enough time with nature, it holds up a mirror and reflects back to us who we are; it is through that connection to the natural world that we are able to find peace and return to our Self. Maheegan is committed to promoting this connection and we strive to incorporate the principles of nature into everything we do.


Maheegan Retreats is committed to being a grounded environment for women in a variety of contexts. A safe space will be cultivated where women can explore themselves, help others, and engage in meaningful conversations. I believe this type of environment can be instrumental in fostering personal growth, building community, and improving the world by promoting mental health and wellness.

These values are the driving force behind the work I do within Maheegan Retreats. They stem a bit of course from my own personal values, but they’re also what I’ve seen are essential in the world as it is today. I’ll strive to create an environment that is kind, genuine, connected to nature, and supportive of community. I hope the values resonate with you and that you will consider joining me on a retreat to experience them first-hand.

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