Wolf standing by tree in forest

What’s In A Name?

Hello, and welcome to Maheegan Retreats! 🌱🌞

I’m so excited to have you here. Let’s take a breath, settle in, and look around at what’s new.

The website, while minimal and bare, is starting to take shape. I hope it continues to feel comfortable to keep visiting and you find what you need easily. You’ll eventually see dates of events, blog posts, and possible: collaborations or partnerships, guest blogging, interviews, and so on.

As with any place, it all starts in a name..

So…what should this retreat centre be called? I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not good with creating names. Like, at all. (I own it, it’s all good.) I get in my head too much about it or try to be clever. People don’t need clever, they need memorable and simple.

So either alone and/or in brainstorming sessions, I wrote down PAGES of names, words, associations; anything to spark finding that “perfect name”. What fits? What feels good?

When I finally took a moment of quiet with myself, I got it. It might not be ‘perfect’, but it feels good to me and I hope with you, also. 🙂

Maheegan Retreats.

My spirit animal is the wolf, and I believe they hold a lot of representations and energetics from which we can benefit and learn. In Iroquois, ‘Maheegan’ means ‘wolf’. There is a hidden part of me that has felt connected or drawn to Native Americans that I can’t explain. A past life, perhaps. The Iroquois were well established in Ontario, Canada and I feel it ties me to my home.

Wolves often help restore the ecosystem (as can be seen in the wolf reintroduction program at Yellowstone National Park, USA, for instance)… …Just like we need women to help restore the world. We need your courage, instinct, sense of protection, fearlessness, social skills, tribe mentality, sense of care for your environment, and maybe even a bit of a “don’t mess with me” attitude.

I might refer to it as ‘Maheegan’ from time to time.

So join me on a journey where we re-write what self-care looks like. Where we start to take space for ourselves, look out for and support one another, become more empowered women and comfortable in our inner strength…and kick some ass along the way. This retreat space is intended to support and hold you while you embody these things.

Here’s to meaningful conversations and connections, being afraid to feel but doing it anyways, bringing back the concept of tribe, and starting a movement that helps shift the world. Read more in depth information here.

Tell me – does this resonate with you? What do you picture when you read this? Leave it in the comments below! And if you have any questions, you can contact me via the internal form